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An Unpretentious Wooden Box


"The simplest method of painlessly imparting Masonic knowledge is to follow the method launched a year or so ago by Royal Alexandra Lodge No. 104, situated on the outskirts of Montreal, Canada. In the anteroom of this Lodge, fastened to the wall in a prominent position, is an unpretentious wooden box with a slot on top that can be
slipped an envelope or even a simple sheet of paper. Above this box is a small but visible sign worded as follows: "Don't be a Masonic Illiterate. All questions pertaining to Masonry deposited in this box will be answered in open Lodge at the next meeting. Write yours before you forget.

After each meeting, the Secretary opens the box and turns the contents over to the chairman of an Educational Committee. This Committee meets before the following meeting and prepares concise answers. It happens that the Committee of three in charge of this work is well versed in Masonry-but most questions are mostly elementary and can easily be answered. Should questions that are difficult to answer come up, it is referred to the local study club, which is attended by most Masonic researchers in the Montreal area, and an adequate answer is soon provided, which can then be used by the local Committee. There is also a Masonic Light Association in Montreal, which will gladly answer such difficult answers by mail in time for your meeting.

This method ensures the protection of the anonymity of the inquirer. He, therefore, does not signal himself to the attention of his colleagues as a Masonic ignoramus. Most answers will rarely take more than 10 minutes. Thus all members benefit and add to their Masonic knowledge - and very often one question suggests another so that there are always three or four queries to be answered at every meeting."


-submitted to the Ed committee by Robert Powlus

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