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Photo Album

Bro. Don Brown recieving his 75 year service award
Bro. Joe Sampson receiving his John Barney Medal
The Grand Master being welcomed at Rutland Lodge
Rutland Lodge Table Lodge
Present and Past Grand Masters of Vermont and Ohio
Tink Camp receiving his 65 year service award
RW Arnold Preston receiving his 55 year service award
Vt Widows Sons at Logan Pass, Montana
Bro. Ted Clark receiving his 50 year service award from GM Jim Stevens anmd WM Stewart White
Marble Lodge 76 50 year service award
PGM Tom Johnston Certificate Lodge of Research
Never too young to start the journey.
Vt DeMolay Chapter Legion of Honor Investiture
GM Paul Mosher, WM Linwood Jones Zion Lodge#81 and GM Kevin Frazier from No. Carolina
Bro. Joe Andrews receiving his 60 year pin.
Green Mt. Lodge
MW Paul Mosher at North Star 200th annverisary.
 Peter Flockhart from Aberdeen who presented Granite Lodge with items from Lodge Operative 150. Granite Lodge and 150 have a long history.
Wyoming 25yr pin
Bro. Dean Rowden receiving his 70 year pin with PGM Jim Stevens, PGM Earl Washburn, and GM Paul Mosher.

Vermont Freemasonry

Tips for Photo Submissions


We're HAPPY (happier!) to receive your submissions by e-mail, but please don't just send every picture you've taken, and we hope that we'll be able to sort it out.

In your e-mail, please identify the picture BY FILE NAME, for example:


HW00078.jpg - The Grand Pursuivant John Smith is seen enjoying the great beef stew made by the OES for this festive night.


If all pictures are of the same event, it's fine to send a short text description of the event, including the date and location of the event and principle people involved if relevant (and not already shown through the pictures).


PLEASE do not use your graphics software to add text descriptions to the photos yourself.


Space for pictures here is limited, though. It is best to send no more than 6-8 pictures of an event.


If you've got any questions, just drop a note to or We look forward to making this a Masonic photo album you'll enjoy!

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