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Masonic Charities of Vermont … “Masons Helping People”

Beyond its focus on individual development which leads to better membership in the community, Freemasonry is deeply involved in helping all people. The Freemasons of North America contribute over two million dollars a day to charitable causes… one of the most notable projects being the network of hospitals operated by the Shrine Masons, caring for burned and orthopaedically impaired children.

In Vermont, for more than two centuries the fraternity has been in the forefront of charitable giving and community service. Traditionally the Grand Lodge of Vermont, through its charitable fund, Masonic Charities of Vermont, Inc., has donated over $60,000 annually to a wide range of Vermont based charities. In a typical year the list usually includes over twenty five organizations. For more than en years Freemasons have implemented the award winning “CARE PROGRAM” dedicated to combating drug and substance abuse problems in our schools at a cost of $30,000 annually. In addition, the charitable work and hours of community service dispensed by individual lodges located in almost every Vermont community are immeasurable. Charity, good will and brotherhood are all integral parts of “The Masonic Way of Life”.

The following is a sampling of the many charities that have received grants from Masonic Charities of Vermont, Inc.:

David’s House, Kurn Hattin Homes, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Vermont Special Olympics, Vermont Public Television, Vermont Association for the Blind & Visually Impaired, Gill Odd Fellows Home., Sisters of Mercy, Vermont Children’s Aid Society, Vermont Girl Scouts Council, Inc., Green Mountain Council of Boy Scouts, Green Mountain Prevention Program, Alzheimer’s Association of Vermont, Kiwanis Club of Montpelier, Alburg Fire Department, Isle LaMotte Fire Department, American Red Cross, Vermont Achievement Center, Vermont Order of the DeMolay, Vermont Rainbow for Girls, George Washington National Masonic Memorial, Shrine Maple Sugar Bowl Game, Inc., Masonic Services Association, Hospital Visitor Program Vermont Veterans, Knight Templar Eye Foundation, General Council Arteriosclerosis Program, National Masonic Foundations, Vermont CARE Program, Scottish Rite Learning Center for Children.

Endowments, Wills & Gifts

At the 2002 annual communication of the Grand Ldoge of Vermont the members unanimously adopted the Grand Master's recommendation and created an Endowment, Wills & Gifts program. The message of the Grand Master to his brethren was as follows:

"Vermonters are generous individuals. Masons are brought up with an abiding faith in charity. As Freemaons, we need to provide for the fiscal integrity of organization - for today, tomorrow and into the unforeseen future. To do this we need to increase our Permanent Charity Fund, Permanent Fraternal Fund and Masonic Charities of Vermont, Inc. We all need to consider charitable giving and to think of Freemasonry when we are planning our estates, or making memorial contributions at the time of the death of a friend or a Freemason or a member of his family.

Charitable contributions to the Grand Lodge of Vermont are deductible as authorized by law. Any donation should be sent to the Grand Lodge of Vermont, 49 East Road, Barre, VT 05641-5390.



C.A.R.E. is the flagship charitable activity of the Grand Lodge of Vermont. C.A.R.E. (Comprehensive Assessment Recovery Effort). We, the Freemasons of Vermont, at our own expense, sponsor seminars staffed by professionals to train our educators and administrators to recognize the symptoms of children at risk. These teachers and educators are then able to discuss the problems intelligently and sensitively with parents and guardians and direct their children to appropriate services in the community that will offer proper assistance. You can read more about C.A.R.E. here.

Memorial Donations

The Grand Master asks each of you to remember our C.A.R.E. program when you think of charitable giving or when you are planning your estates or when you are making memorial contributions at the time of the death of a friend or a Freemason or a member of the family. The C.A.R.E. program is the principal charity of Masonic Charities of Vermont, Inc. - a corporation that has tax exempt status under section 501c(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore, a person's gift, donation or bequest to C.A.R.E. entitles the donor to a charitable deduction under the Internal Revenue Code.


For a number of years, many of our subordinate lodges have been offering scholarships to qualified individuals in their communities by providing financial to help defray the cost of advanced education. This program has been an outstanding success. It allows the lodges to receive recognition in their communities and helps the youth of the communities to pursue further education. As a direct result of this success, the cost of the program has been escalating. It is hoped that we can create a separate and distinct statewide fund to assist the lodges with this program. Any contribution to the fund would be entitled to a charitable deduction.