Tips for Using the Calendar

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Create an Event

There are several ways to add events to the calendar. The easiest way is simply to view the month of the event and then click on the day of the event. This will open the Create New Calendar Entry page.

Calendar Text - appears on the monthly calendar and should be clear and concise. Details should be on the popup text.

Start Time - appears on the monthly calendar. End time is optional

Popup Text or URL - add details of your event here, such as contact information, deadline for reservations, etc. If your group has a website with more information about the event, enter it here. This information will popup when the event is click in the month format of the calendar or in the second column of the listing format of the calendar.

Category - optional but recommended and very useful, see below. The more categories are used by everyone, the more useful they become.

Color - optional and the default is black text on a white background. Be careful when selecting background and text colors that the combination is easy to read. Remember some people are color blind and you should have a high contract between colors. For example, light blue text on a dark blue background could be hard to read for some people.


Several categories are setup on the calendar - District Meetings, Lodge, Degree, DeMolay, etc. Using categories is optional, but adding them allows others to search only for specific categories of events.

If you think additional categories are needed, please contact the Webmaster.

Viewing Events -- Styles: Block - List - Condensed

There are three ways to view the calendar that are selected from the middle shaded line above the calendar events:

Block - displays the calendar in the common box format - one box for each day, one row for each week. The Calendar Text is display in the box and Popup text is displayed by clicking on the event.

List - displays the calendar event information in two columns: one column for the calendar text and one column for the Popup Text.

Condensed - similar to List but only displays dates that have events scheduled.


Looking for search? The shaded lines at the top of the calendar have all the options. Search is on the middle line at the far right. Clicking on search opens a new window with the search options.

Search allows you to look for any text in the calendar event and popup text fields - look for Lodge names, event names, etc.

You can search for specific categories - for example selecting District_Meetings and pressing the Search button will list all the meetings for the specified time frame.

Back to VT Freemasons Site

When you go to the calendar from the VT Freemasons site, we open up a separate window for the calendar. If you close this window by clicking on the X on the top right, the original page you left should be visible.